Wood, wood, glorious wood


At Roundhouse we make beautiful bespoke British kitchens, wardrobes and other furniture.

What we design is a space for living.


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Wood, wood, glorious wood


It’s hard to imagine the end product – our sleek, contemporary, bespoke kitchens are a long way from the stacks of timber loaded in our factory awaiting job allocation. It’s a labour intensive journey involving craftsmen who take time and a great deal of care cutting, fitting and polishing this precious raw material until the final product emerges, butterfly-like, ready to be loaded and delivered to our clients.

All the wood for a Roundhouse bespoke kitchen is marked FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which means it’s sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each load is marked with the name of the wood, making it instantly identifiable, a necessity when you realise the huge number of different woods Roundhouse offers to our clients. Among current favourites are Wenge and striped Zebrano, popular Black Walnut, Mango wood and our latest addition lime washed Oak.

Sustainability is very important to us, and apart from carefully sourcing our wood we aim to keep waste to an absolute minimum. We’ve made a huge commitment to becoming even more ‘green’ by creating our own fuel. All our offcuts and the dust from the extraction system get fed into our new Biomass boiler, as fuel. The resulting hot water gets pumped all round the factory providing heat and hot water. Not only does this substantially reduce landfill but we also save on emissions from transport to the waste disposal – currently a 60 mile round trip!

Some recent snaps we took at the factory show just some of the journey the wood makes on its way to becoming a beautiful Roundhouse kitchen.

Pile_TimberAll Roundhouse wood is FSC

Zebrano3Zebrano wood awaiting allocation

Zebrano1Individual pieces are polished and prepared

Zebrano2A Zebrano wine rack

Zebrano4The finished drawers

Zebrano5The completed kitchen